Why is it important?

A powerful brand is irresistible but what does it really mean? As an organisation, it is the shop window into who you are as a business and what you promise to deliver. As a customer, it’s the hopes you have when you deal with that company and the promise it makes to you. As soon as that promise is broken the relationship becomes damaged, sometimes beyond repair, weakening your brands reputation. Your people are key here. They are the walking, talking adverts of your brand – how they choose to behave with customers today has a direct impact on your bottom line tomorrow.

Your brand is also your promise to your people. It shows them what type of organisation they are part of and what they can expect from working there.

What we believe

A great brand culture helps every person find meaning in their role and genuinely ‘live the brand’. Many companies struggle to get their inside culture to match their outward promise. Apple and Patagonia are examples of companies that truly live their brand, and their market share, largely attributed to their brilliant people, certainly reflects this.

Where to start

To capitalise on the power of your brand you have to create a culture which supports and reflects your external messages. This starts with attracting and selecting the right talent. Skills can be taught but attitude needs to be found.  With the right team in place, leaders can foster a culture of trust, passion and empowerment. And that’s just for starters.

Here is our ‘Living Brands’ Model: