A Next Generation Approach.

3 agencies under one roof

We work with some of the world’s most loved brands and achieve incredible results together.

Our three agencies under one roof approach makes working with us easy, enjoyable and engaging, because we have all the expertise you need to make an impact where you work– we are strategic consultants, behavioural change experts and creative/digital communications experts. 

Our design methodology

We use the design thinking process to really get under the skin of your business.

We seek to understand how your people are thinking and feeling, from the big picture to the tiny details.

Before there’s any creative thought, we make sure we are solving the right problem.

Once we’re clear what we are working to solve or improve, it’s all about getting our heads in a room together to generate new ideas for your business that we test and improve with your people.

A GIF Showing the NKD Process map and design methodology

The science

At NKD, we believe that big messy people problems can’t be solved without brain-friendly solutions. So, we draw on a number of learning, communications, motivation and design theories to create engaging solutions that deliver tangible, positive differences – way after NKD’s involvement has finished.