The Science

At NKD, we believe that big messy people problems can’t be solved without brain-friendly solutions. So, we draw on a number of learning, communications, motivation and design theories to create, engaging solutions that deliver tangible, positive differences way after our involvement has finished.

We design brain friendly solutions that…

Shift Thinking

by increasing Emotional Connection + Understanding

People can do anything they put their mind to… and with emotional encouragement, the sky’s the limit! By combining the power of people’s emotional and rational intelligences, in gentle, affirming and supportive ways, we are able to dramatically shift thinking!

We do it by combining…

  • Collaborative learning theory 
  • Cognitive behavioral theory
  • Positive psychology  

Change Behaviour

by building Capability + Confidence 

Do one thing differently, and then another thing, and then another thing! People are open to change behaviour when they see the tangible results and improvement as a result of their changed behaviour – they just need a suggestion, a little push and some guidance in the right direction.

We do it by combining…

  • Accelerated learning techniques
  • Motivation theory 
  • Neurolinguistic 
    Programming (NLP) 
  • Storytelling techniques 

Transform Performance

by increasing Personal Responsibility + Commitment

Sustainment is vital to transform performance and make change stick! At NKD, we believe that for sustainment to be transformative, it must be challenging, but achievable and rewarding, and above all, engaging and exciting.

We do it by combining…

  • Expectancy theory 
  • Habit forming nudge theory 
  • Self-affirmation and visualization 

We get under the skin of your business to find the right fit for you. Whether you’re just getting started, or need help making it stick, get in touch and we’ll help you get the right formula to make lasting change.