The success of the DHL Supply Chain business has resulted in rapid growth. To support this transformation, they’ve needed to step up to new levels of performance and efficiency. Every person in the organisation quickly needed to understand the part they could play in delivering the overall Supply Chain strategy. NKD smoothed this transition by crafting a simple and compelling strategic narrative, developing an innovative and engaging suite of communications materials and upskilling 20,000 managers to help them ‘Turn the Vision ON’ across the organisation.


We conducted research to find out how to connect the story of the Supply Chain strategy with individual contributions. It was essential to reach all 200,000 employees with no ‘off-line’ costs or operational impact. The story had to stick and inspire these employees to play their part.


First came the story – taking all the important parts of the strategy and telling it in a way that would fire up employees to get involved. Then, to help Managers with their storytelling we created an E Coach on the ‘Perfect Presentation’, this was supported by facilitated coaching sessions for some. Finally, to bring the presentation to life we developed simple, emotive films and motion graphics, all wrapped up in an engaging physical environment.


To keep the momentum going we created a range of exciting ‘Turning the Vision ON’ guides for managers, helping them weave the strategic story into existing comms channels, such as team meetings, emails and huddles. These ensured that the DHL Supply Chain strategy story would still be effectively referenced long after managers had completed the initial roll out programme.


For the first time, managers said they understood the strategy and were able to translate it and make it meaningful for their teams.