DHL Express’s strategy to develop a highly engaged, insanely customer-centric global Network was missing one crucial element – a connected set of employees who were equally committed to delivering this legendary DHL Express customer experience. To cover the breadth of employees across their global business and ensure consistency in quality, we developed the Certified International Specialist programme, a suite of employee engagement and customer experience solutions. The programme was rolled out across DHL Express, reaching 100,000 employees within 18 months. Since then, the curriculum has been expanded and ‘certified’ for all of the DPDHL Group divisions, reaching over 500,000 employees worldwide.


Working closely with DHL Express, we conducted in depth Discovery activities across 5 different continents. This research delivered exceptional insights, which enabled us to craft solutions to engage and connect with their global workforce, and deliver way beyond what was expected.


We created a set of foundation and induction modules delivered through an immersive 1.5-day engagement event. For DHL Express leaders we developed the Certified International Manager Curriculum, an extensive leadership programme built around how to create and sustain an insanely customer centric culture – delivering industry leading results.


The change has been embedded in many ways at DHL Express. Notably,the face-to-face events were supported by a range of Coaching Apps for tablets and mobile devices, and self navigated modules allow employees to take their ongoing learning into their own hands. Impressively, many of the senior DHL Express leaders have become lead facilitators for the programmes – embedding their own learning by teaching it. The whole programme has benefitted from a ground breaking communications campaign that most organisations would only develop for their customers.

112 customer service awards in 39 countries