What can a diversified workforce bring to you company?

We all know that cultures built on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are vital to a healthy workplace.

But do leaders in your organisation really understand the direct and positive impact that a diverse and inclusive culture has on business performance?

We’ve gathered some interesting insights and statistics demonstrating the clear benefits for your company and your people as you battle global skills shortages for talent and increasing competition.

EDI Infographic Stats

Companies with
greater ethnic and racial
diversity among staff
performed 35% better
than companies whose
staff demographics matched
the national average.

companies perform 21%
better than
the national average.

to individual
decision makers,
diverse teams make
better decisions
87% of the time.

When employees perceive
their organisation as committed
to diversity and inclusion,
and they actually feel
included, employees
are 80% more likely
to rank their employer
as high performing.

Diverse companies
are 70% more
likely to capture
a new market

has been shown
to increase
revenue by 19%.

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