Thoughtful Service, Thoughtful Leadership

British Airways’ commitment is to deliver not just good but outstanding service to every customer on every journey. Building on their already solid service foundations, we helped to fuel this transformation. The ‘Always Thoughtful’ Customer Service programme aimed to strengthen the emotional connection between employees and BA’s service ambitions.

The Challenge

We looked at the end-to-end customer journey at British Airways, identifying all the opportunities where they could enhance the customer experience and demonstrate genuinely Thoughtful Service at key touchpoints along the customer journey. BA knew that to truly differentiate in a competitive environment these touch points had to create a lasting memory with customers. 

These insights led us to create the Thoughtful Service modules to enhance their service approach and behaviours.

The Solution

We created a series of engaging 90-minute workouts on topics from relationship building to personal wellbeing. 14,000 front-line employees participated in the modules set in an informal lounge environment which provided the perfect context for delivering thoughtful and personalised service. The key in all the workouts was to show how adopting these approaches not only made work more fun and service better for customers, but paid huge dividends in relationships with friends and family too.

The workouts inspired the delivery of a truly Thoughtful Service! They were supported by a creative communications campaign, including an employee publication in the style of an iconic coffee table magazine. The campaign helped ensure employees regularly ‘dipped into’ the core content and deepened their connection with the messages and approaches.

The Result

10 point increase in employee engagement

15 point decrease in complaints

The main team behind this project

  • Sue Stoneman Sue Stoneman