Vision On

Enabling 20,000 managers in 60 countries and 200 warehouse sites to become world class story tellers.

The success of the DHL Supply Chain business has resulted in rapid growth. To support this transformation, they’ve needed to step up to new levels of performance and efficiency.

Every person in the organisation quickly needed to understand the part they could play in delivering the overall Supply Chain strategy.

NKD smoothed this transition by crafting a simple and compelling strategic narrative, developing an innovative and engaging suite of communications materials, and upskilling 20,000 managers to help them ‘Turn the Vision ON’ across the organisation.

The Challenge

We conducted research to find out how to connect the story of the Supply Chain strategy with individual contributions. It was essential to reach all 200,000 employees with no ‘off-line’ costs or operational impact. The story had to stick and inspire these employees to play their part.

The Solution

We created a set of foundation and induction modules delivered through an immersive 1.5-day engagement event.

For DHL Express leaders we developed the Certified International Manager Curriculum, an extensive leadership programme built around how to create and sustain an insanely customer centric culture – delivering industry leading results.

The Theme

The change has been embedded in many ways at DHL Express. The narrative and creative theme that was developed around ‘Certified’ has been part of the success of what has connected people across all corners of the globe. Whether I’m working in a hub or the CEO of DHL, what joins us all is the idea that we’re all Certified International Specialists. 

 Notably, the face-to-face events were supported by a range of Coaching Apps for tablets and mobile devices, and selfnavigated modules allowing employees to take ongoing learning into their own hands.

Impressively, many of the senior DHL Express leaders have become lead facilitators for the programmes – embedding their own learning by teaching it. The whole programme has benefitted from a groundbreaking communications campaign that most organisations would only develop for their customers.

The Results

For the first time, managers said they understood the strategy and were able to translate it and make it meaningful for their teams.

The main team behind this project

  • Michael Faulkner Michael Faulkner