Translating a unique brand into an authentic and distinct customer experience.

For this internationally renowned auction house, being able to make their customer experience as exceptional as the fine objects they auction was crucial. Their new brand promised a new ‘vibrant’ customer experience delivered by ‘The Art People’. We developed an entirely new service concept, and an authentic and exclusive service model for their global operation.

The Challenge

The auction house’s culture is one of consistent, exceptional service – even under pressure. Yet, their promise of being the vibrant hub of the art world, of being ‘The Art People’, wasn’t really understood and being delivered by their global teams. There was a danger that what the new brand advertising was promising might not be delivered. We used our Discovery skills to look at this from both an employee and customer perspective, and used our insights to build a new service architecture for the new brand promise.

The Solution

Bringing the business together to explore the idea of exceptional, vibrant, service needed to be done in a context they could relate to as The Art People. We used the dual themes of an artist’s studio and exhibition for the setting of a two-day programme that introduced the new brand and the new service concept, inviting people to try it on for size. The result was a customer experience that was unique and that brought the brand promise alive in every customer interaction.

The Creative Theme

The concept of The Art People as well as the core content and messaging were quickly built into existing client service operations, training and online communications content, ensuring the messages were reinforced everywhere and making sure the changes really stuck.

The main team behind this project

  • Sue Stoneman Sue Stoneman
  • David Colgate David Colgate