Communications Campaigns

Communications Campaigns

What is it?

An NKD communications campaign is not just your regular comms campaign!

It can be anything from a comms strategy, to a digital or paper-based communications campaign, a new creative concept or even a compelling strategic narrative. 

Why does it work?

It is as contemporary and captivating as the communications that capture people’s imaginations in their lives outside work. 

Because we really get to know your business and your people, we connect with your people on a rational level, and know what is going to tug at their heartstrings. 

What is it good for?

Challenging the way you currently communicate with your people, whilst bringing a fresh lens to your communications. 

Or maybe you just have a message that’s so important it can’t fail and you need to throw everything at it. Remember, your communications are the thing that engage people day-to-day, when they are back at work, in the operation and with your customers – those little reminders that they are your brand and to deliver that to your customers.