What is it?

Hackathons are used in creative problem solving. A ‘Hackathon’ is an event of a significant duration where people come together and are given the time and space to consider and creatively solve problems.

Why does it work?

The ‘human-centred’ design thinking approach and the deep focus on empathising with the user group means hackathons get right to the heart of a problem. Hackathons are also deeply cross-functional allowing for the sharing of ideas and perspectives but also allowing for essential buy-in to the end solution.
The structure and process of the hackathon allows for maximum engagement as well as increased accountability for delivering the actions that come out of it.

What is it good for?

Maybe you have to create your next step of goals, objectives, solve a problem or work out how you are going to make your values live within your organisation. Hackathons are a great way to tackle some of these important challenges.