Learning and Performance Apps

Learning and Performance Apps

What is it?

A learning or performance App puts learning, communication and performance in the hands of the people using it. It’s learning the way people like to learn in the 21st century. The content they need in the palm of their hands, in their own time.

Why does it work?

Retention and recall of information go up when the motivation or thirst for information increases. Giving people rich content in the palm of their hands, to access when they want it, means you can deliver bespoke, targeted and personalised information that your people really want.

What is it good for?

It’s great for the ongoing embed and sustainment of learning. Maybe you’ve kicked things off in the classroom but now you want to keep your people engaged in learning new things.

Maybe you have a big or remote workforce and seeing them every day or even getting them into the classroom is not an option. An app is a great way to still keep them engaged and developing.