What is it?

NEO is our trademark system that correlates how your employee experience is affecting your customer experience.
We use NEO Trax and Insights to measure and diagnose the ‘current state’ of your employee experience and correlate it with the ‘current state’ of your customer experience.
We can then create for you an action plan and a number of high-impact solutions for your employees that will truly shift the dial on your employee engagement and customer experience.

Why does it work?

Our approach is anchored in the idea that a great customer experience is only as good as the highly skilled and engaged employee who deliver it.
That’s why we look at your CX challenges by taking an inside-out approach. What are the things that are stopping your people delivering the type of service that will make your customers love you?
Fix these and your people are much more likely to not only deliver your product really well but make emotional connections with customers and turn things around when they go wrong.

What is it good for?

Maybe you’re really looking at your end-to-end customer experience. You’re really trying to understand the key moments that matter and then as a result thinking about how you can turn up the dial on your employee experience to ensure your people keep your promises to your customers consistently at each and every touch point.