NKD Neo Boost

NKD Neo Boost

NKD Neo Boost: NKD’s seven culture boosters.

2020 has challenged us beyond all compare.

‘Thriving’ or ‘surviving’ in 2020 took strong leadership and you need to emerge from this experience to become the leaders your teams can believe in. That’s why NKD has developed Neo Boost hosted on the NKD Player solution – the energy shots your leaders need… now!

NKD Neo Boost is made up of seven modules, or ‘boosters’, completely online and available from the App Store, so you can go through the learning at a pace that suits you and your current situation. Each booster is comprised of a mix of personal and team activities, games, toolkits, film and animations, quizzes, podcasts, NKD models, coaching sessions and more.

The seven booster shots acknowledge what you’ve lost while building resilience, celebrating what you’ve gained and creating leadership teams who inspire their teams to be brilliant… and hit the numbers in your ‘new normal’.

1.The perfect pandemic

Acknowledging that it’s not been easy… but you made it

We’ll start by acknowledging it’s not been easy, but your leaders have made it! 

In this booster: we’ll explore how you mourn what you have lost and reassemble as one leadership team.

2. Trust through turbulence

Restoring the foundations

Look out the window and leaders will see key talent taking up new opportunities with other businesses.

In this booster: Learn how to have some of the unsaid conversations and reconnect from a place of trust in this team game.

3. Dream maker or dream faker

Energising people about the direction

It’s time to energize your team about your direction for 2021!

In this booster: Explore how leaders can get their collective story straight and deliver inspirational comms in this interactive, digital module.

4. Not for robots

Human performance conversations

Performance management for the unreachables: how the fast, frequent and friendly approach pays back in performance and loyalty.

In this booster: Transform your leaders into coaches and master both the “1 to 1” and “1 to many”.

5. Wake up and smell the coffee

Making decisions with head, heart and guts

 It’s said that our decision making is often centred around our head, our heart, or our guts… but how do you know which one to listen to and when?

In this booster: How to improve decision making using sound reasoning, critical thinking and rigorous analysis in this series of Podcasts with business leaders.

6. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Continuous improvement of the new normal

Business may have slowed down this last year but the pressure to survive and thrive has only increased.

In this booster: How can leaders keep their radar on to detect new and better approaches with this first-hand approach to continuous improvement?

7. Well, well, well

Body, mind and spirit, ready to nail it

Mind, body, spirit – wellbeing is no longer a nice to have, it’s a need to have, and you need to be ready to nail it!

In this booster: We’ll be enabling leaders to recognise and support the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

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