Virtual / Augmented Reality

Virtual / Augmented Reality

What is it?

A digital solution that brings your people’s day-to-day reality into the classroom or a training environment using:

Virtual reality – uses technology to put you into new situations or simulations in your work environment, giving people the opportunity to try out new skills and behaviours in a safe space. 

Augmented reality – uses technology to alter the world around you to put you into new situations, show the world as it could be or create hurdles or challenges… or to just make it fun!

Why does it work?

It puts people into real life situations and scenarios, whilst giving people the psychological safety to try out new skills and behaviours without the risk involved. 

What is it good for?

VR/AR suit scenario-based learning for behavioural training as well as process, procedural and compliance training.

It has the added benefit of being bite-sized and can be delivered anywhere (even the corner of a warehouse). This reduces lost opportunity costs associated with classroom training, while maximising engagement and retention of learning.