Wellbeing Toolkit

Wellbeing Toolkit

The Wellbeing Toolkit is designed for integration throughout your organisation, giving Leaders, Teams, and Wellbeing Champions the practical tools and knowledge they need to make work healthy, enjoyable and productive.

Improve employee wellbeing across four key areas: Physical Vitality, Mental Fitness, Emotional Wellbeing, and Meaning & Motivation.

Tools for leaders

Wellbeing Model – use this model to get people talking about the wellbeing outcomes you want for you and your organisation – healthy body, mind, heart and purpose.

The Wellbeing Strategy Guide – this 7-step guide gives you a structure to implement a wellbeing strategy – energising the health of your business and increasing take up of wellbeing resources.

Workplace Wellbeing Diagnostic – add data to your wellbeing discussions and get practical guidance to build a healthier workplace that promotes healthy high performance.

Tools for teams and individuals

Energise your body, mind, heart, and purpose, and give your teams the tools to drive their own healthy high performance with:

My Wellbeing Check Up – A diagnostic just for you, as well as a practical guide to help you make positive changes to increase your Physical Vitality, Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Fitness, Meaning and Motivation.

My Values Check in – to help you prioritise your values and identify what means most to you.

Wellbeing Team Talk – a feel-good session to run with teams after they’ve completed their My Wellbeing Check Up to support each other in embedding healthy habits.

Tools for your wellbeing champions

If it’s part of your job to create, communicate and bang the drum for wellbeing in your workplace, these are the tools for you:

Wellbeing Champions Charter – giving you the information you need to impact wellbeing on the ground.

Wellbeing Champions Training Pack – four interactive training workouts with slides and speaker notes that can be run online or in-person as a team building event.

Wellbeing Calendar – a customisable wellbeing calendar with tips and reminders to keep wellbeing front of mind every day.

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