NKD worked closely with DAA, challenging their leaders to see beyond their established ways of working and managing human performance. They were equipped with the tools to engage their teams in fresh ways, and inspired to use a new style of performance conversations to create a genuine high-performance culture.


Our extensive research uncovered some blocks within the business. These barriers were preventing DAA’s leaders from realising their teams’ potential and being able to deliver the organisation’s key objectives.


We created an experiential learning workshop called the ‘Big Expedition’ to bring to life the journey the business needed to go on. All the participants were given the chance to explore real people challenges and work with their peers to create new and innovative ways of solving them. They also explored a new way to inspire their teams to perform, and keep on performing, using NKDs breakthrough THRIVE approach. At the end of the journey participants left with an understanding of the mindset they needed to adopt, the types of opportunities they need to exploit and a strong resolve to make this a reality.

“Now we have a world class product"

Mick Byrne

Organisation Capability Manager


Building on the success of ‘The Big Expedition’, we set about helping leaders to form new ‘high performance habits’, using the methodology, language and tools we designed for them. A series of follow-up workshops and “check in” conversations hosted by the DAA team created a forum for leaders to share success stories, and meant the initial uplift in performance was sustained.