Culture… why bother?

A powerful brand is irresistible but what does it really mean? As an organisation, it is the shop window into who you are as a business and what you promise to deliver. As a customer, it’s the hopes you have when you deal with that company and the promise it makes to you. As soon as that promise is broken the relationship becomes damaged, sometimes beyond repair, weakening your brands reputation. Your people are key here. They are the walking, talking adverts of your brand – how they choose to behave with customers today has a direct impact on your bottom line tomorrow. The way your people choose to behave is a direct result of the culture you create. If culture and brand aren’t congruent you will never deliver the customer experience you desire.

Simply, culture is the fuel of your brand.

How we tackle it

Before we look internally we need to look externally. What are the promises you are making to your customers, and what are the gaps – what is stopping your people from being the fuel of your brand.

Change isn’t easy, we get beneath the surface of your culture and diagnose your biggest opportunities using our Six Ingredients.

Six Ingredients Culture Change