Customer Experience… why bother? 

Every organisation strives for it; an engaged workforce and loyal customers, who are devoted to your brand.

For a business to be successful it needs loyal customers who can’t imagine life without your brand. In today’s market, 86% of consumers would happily pay more for a better customer experience (CEI, 2011), and 60% of organisations now regard customer experience as a key source of differentiation in the marketplace (The Service Council, 2015).This changes everything. The journey to a truly valuable customer experience begins with your employees.

Engaged Employees = Engaged Customers.

It’s as simple as that.

How we tackle it

Most customer experience programmes focus on prescribed behaviours – a set of rules and actions for employees to follow. However, if you’ve ever had a frustrating customer experience you’ll know that those guidelines don’t make us feel valued. If there is a magic ingredient, it is attitude. Employees who feel emotionally connected to their organisation’s brand and their overall purpose behave differently. More importantly, it is this attitude that engages their customers.

Here at NKD we get to know your customers, we walk a mile in their shoes, and then a few more. Only then can we understand the opportunities that exist to create the ultimate customer experience. Once we have walked those miles, we then diagnose, identify and address the gaps using our Six Ingredients.

Six Ingredients Culture Change