Digital Transformation… why bother?

We are in the digital era, we can’t deny it. Advances in technology have changed the way we live and work forever, but in the digital-era business’s success won’t be driven by data or new technologies, it will be driven by the power of people. People make the change happen, they will embrace the new technologies, and apply the data, but without the people change, a business will ultimately fail in this new era.

As businesses and organisations embark on their digital transformations, more are failing at the transformation than are succeeding – Consultancy UK reported in 2015 that “Two thirds of digital transformation projects fail” and whilst Forbes (2016) suggests that number is as high as 84%!

How we tackle it

NKD knows people; we know that without them a transformation, no matter how good the infrastructure and support, will fail.

We embed ourselves in your business, we understand the change you want to see, and, using our Six Ingredients we enable that transformation to happen in the smoothest, most successful way possible.

Six Ingredients Culture Change