Learning & Development… why bother?

Human beings are motivated by progress. We love to feel that we are always moving forwards. Nowhere does this apply more than in our work.

Research has estimated that 65% of Millennials are influenced to join an organisation by the opportunities to grow and develop on offer (PWC, 2011). At NKD we know how important this is, but we also know that if learning doesn’t stick, it doesn’t matter.

Learning and Development can take any number of forms, but it must capture hearts and minds, deliver what it promises, provide the chance to learn by doing, and above all be relevant and practical.

How we tackle it

Be it digital or face to face, 5 minutes or 5 days, it doesn’t matter unless it works. With our experience covering Customer Service, Leadership, Induction, Strategy Engagement amongst many others, we use our Six Ingredients to uncover the opportunities in your business to enhance your offering and give your people the motivation to keep learning.

Six Ingredients Culture Change