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Caring, Knowing, Doing: Your Role in C1C Injury Recovery

Click the link to learn how we used scenario-based learning to bring to life Primary Connect’s injury management and injury recovery process. And, check out the incredible results including an 87% retention of information rate amongst managers!

easyJet – You Matter

easyJet know that how people feel is the biggest predictor of performance.

Learn how we helped them create a campaign designed to drive awareness, confidence and uptake of Energy, Inclusion and Growth support opportunities.

DHL Express CIM Supervisory Graduation

The CIM Supervisory module transformed staff to connect with the essential skills, mindset and knowledge to deliver the DHL Express Strategy.

easyJet Strategy Launch

easyJet changed the way people fly, making air travel affordable and easy. They created ‘generation easyJet’, a people-fuelled culture that goes way beyond cost and efficiency…

DHL Supply Chain: Vision On

Enabling 20,000 managers in 60 countries and 200 warehouse sites to become world class story tellers.