January 9, 2017 by NKD

… Statistically speaking. 

Statistically speaking, it looks like work sucks too. But your leaders: they are definitely one of the reasons. At least, that’s what this survey said.

Here are some numbers to keep you up at night:

84.4% of workers are thinking about changing job this year

35.1% think/daydream about quitting frequently

47.3% of people say bad management is the reason for wanting to quit  


Spare a moment for leaders though. Most businesses have lots of leaders, and most of those leaders have leaders. If we apply the numbers, that means most leaders are thinking of leaving this year too.

I’m sure some businesses can manage without leaders… maybe one day we’ll figure out what that looks like. For now, leaders are pretty important at work. Having lots of them wanting to leave is not good news.

What do you do in this situation? Your leaders suck, most of them want to leave, but their influence is vital to success.

You could ignore it. Hope it blows over. Let the ones who don’t want to be here go elsewhere. That might work.

Then again, that doesn’t sound like the best idea. A bit risky. Particularly as this study says only a third of HR professionals feel confident about the leadership pipeline.

No. It looks like you’ll have to do something about it. Sooner or later, this leadership thing is going to get you. Maybe it’ll be the bottom line that suffers, or attrition rates, or days off sick. Somehow though, it’ll happen.

Some companies are getting on the front foot in the fight against leaders who suck. They are engaging them, listening to them, training them. The companies who are doing this well are finding that their leaders can have an influence that radiates out through the business; their other employees are more engaged, less likely to leave and more productive. There are stories out there almost too good to be true.

But those stories are true, and some of them are our stories.

See how ITV did it or talk to us about Employee Engagement through Leadership.