Nokia: #Respect

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Respecting our people in everything we do 

At Nokia, it’s people who make the difference; not technology. The company culture is rooted in their Finnish heritage, and they take pride in the values that live in their organisation. They aim to create a culture where people can thrive, and the values of Respect, Challenge, Achievement and Renewal give people the framework to deliver their purpose. 

The Challenge 

Nokia is responding to a changing world. The importance of inclusion and diversity, and the rise of discussions like #MeToo led them to develop the #Respect programme. 

Nokia saw how vital it was to encourage and support those who might have been affected by workplace harassment, and also to support the wider employee community who were unsure about the post #MeToo workplace. Nokia wanted to give people the tools and confidence to work together with respect. 

The key was delivering a consistent message to over 100,000 employees around the world, quickly and efficiently.

The Solution

Born out of Nokia’s values, #Respect – accentuating the good, avoiding harassment at work, is a 30 minute eLearning module.  It brings to life the experiences of employees in the post-#MeToo workplace, giving them a common language to speak about their experiences at work, and the confidence to ‘Reach Out’ and ‘Speak Up’ if they are affected by workplace harassment in any of its forms. The module uses high quality film, animations and the voices of their employees. 

Making it work for Nokia 

The tools are designed to spark conversations and get people thinking and behaving differently. To do this we knew we had to approach it differently. Together with Nokia we decided to use comedy as a tool make employees feel relaxed and empowered. We used references from TV show’s such as The Office and Gogglebox and used real Nokia managers on screen as the stars. We also used animation to explain the spectrum of behaviours from OK to awkward to Not OK and how to Reach Out and Speak Up.

The Result 

#Respect is one of three modules NKD designed in collaboration with Nokia. The modules currently have an average score of 4.6/5, this is one of the highest average scores of any mandatory training at Nokia.

Best course ever”
“Respect training is fantastic”
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