Leadership development

Leadership development

Leaders with the confidence and capability
to inspire their people to ‘have a best day,
every day.’
two employees from different organisations working on a leadership development program

Wherever you’ve worked you have felt the impact of inspiring, or uninspiring, leadership. We can all describe the transformative effect of a great leader, mentor, or coach. With 47% of employees ranking bad management as their top reason for wanting to quit their job, inspired leaders that are attuned to their people have never been more critical.

At NKD, we partner with you to transform your leadership teams through human-centred leadership development programmes. From C-Suite teams to frontline supervisors, we create engagement programmes that meet your people and your business needs. Our solutions quickly and visibly shift how your leaders think and behave, empowering them to lead in new and inclusive ways.

We think that great leadership can be taught, and that leaders need to develop a set of core skills which break down into things they need to know, do, and be. We customise programmes based on what your leaders need to know, do, and be, to engage your people and improve the performance of your business.

What leaders need to know

  • Strategic alignment

    Developing your strategic story and the plans to activate your organisation’s vision.

  • Leading in a digital world banner image - a man is sat at a desk on a video call

    Leading in a digital world

    Uncovering the potential of people and technology to make your company digitally-savvy and future-fit.

  • finance for non-finance managers banner image - two women in front of a whiteboard wearing high vis and running a team meeting

    Finance for non-finance managers

    Understanding cost-management data and analytics to make critical commercial and operational decisions.

Our goal is for leaders to create environments where people are engaged and accountable, free to take risks, fail, and try again to achieve their ambitions. Leaders who facilitate a more confident, collaborative working environment lay the foundations for a focused and successful business. If your leadership team is strong, they encourage highly engaged employees and this chain reaction goes all the way to the customer, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Whether it’s inspiring people to align around a strategic vision, deftly managing finances, or being a leader in a digital world, there are foundational things that all organisational leaders just need to know.

What leaders need to do

  • Leading others

    Leading high-performing people and teams. Motivating people to do great work, achieve goals and learn through their work.

  • Leading the business

    Inspiring people to activate your strategy so they feel engaged and inspired by it, and go on to deliver amazing results for your customers.

  • two employees taking part in a coaching session

    Coaching skills

    Adopting coaching techniques to drive ownership, learning and development.

Great leaders need to inspire their teams and the wider business. They need a broad understanding of the bigger picture, the tools to manage all kinds of people, and the ability to execute strategy in a way that resonates with everyone.

How leaders need to be

  • Inspirational team leadership

    Creating a leadership mindset and the behaviours to be an authentic, inclusive and influential communicator.

  • Leading change

    Managing the human dimension of change to maintain trust, resilience and commitment.

  • An image of participants during an NKD workshop - leading self. The woman in the centre is talking expressively and the people either side are listening intently

    Leading self

    Developing emotional intelligence and practical skills to lead with authenticity and confidence.

Great leaders, at their core, are emotionally intelligent, keenly in-tune with themselves and others, inspiring, motivational and trusted. The learning in this area will help leaders to build on their innate qualities, understand themselves better, and learn how to be an authentic leader.