Finance for non-finance managers

Understanding cost-management data and analytics to make critical commercial and operational decisions.

Why it’s needed

Financial and commercial responsibility no longer sits on the shoulders of just the finance teams. Finance for Non-Finance Managers focuses on understanding the data and insights which managers need to drive business decisions and profitable growth. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Use existing commercial and financial processes and data
  • Leveraging data, insights and case studies to make responsible decisions
  • Put commercial and financial acumen into action
  • Present commercial information and commentary in engaging ways 
  • Use toolkits to embed commercial knowledge and cultivate change
Who would benefit from this training

Finance for Non-Finance Managers is critical for those managers and leaders who don’t have a background in finance but need to oversee, manage or execute budgets or work with finances for operational aspects of their role. Understanding the various financial levers and measures, from analysing financial statements to understanding cost management methods, helps leaders and managers make important decisions that drive the overall future health of their functions or business.

We also provide leaders with the tools to engage their teams around the importance of commercial and financial health, and to align them on clear measures of success.

Ultimately, Finance for Non-Finance Managers is about equipping and empowering managers and leaders to make better financial choices and find creative solutions to everyday commercial problems.

Why does it work

Leaders and managers across the business are making financial or commercial choices every day. They need to feel empowered and confident that they have the know-how to make decisions that will help to increase revenue, decrease costs and effectively manage operating expenses and cash flow for their businesses.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers provides leaders and managers with the skills, frameworks and concepts they need to practically manage the key financial aspects of their business. Our solution helps them to feel comfortable pulling on various financial levers to drive their everyday decision-making. 

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