Leading the business

Inspiring people to activate your strategy so they feel engaged and inspired by it, and go on to deliver amazing results for your customers.

Why it’s needed

You’ve got a great strategy that you really believe in! You’ve now got to get everyone else just as excited. Not only excited but engaged, aligned, and clear about what it means for them. Strategy is not worth the paper it’s written on if it’s not executed in the right way.

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Create a compelling narrative around the strategy to drive engagement 
  • Align key messages and stories with KPIs and key business metrics 
  • Foster positive team dynamics and high performing teams 
  • Deliver results while creating a great place to work  
DHL Express

The CIM Supervisory academy engaged 8000 supervisors with the essential skills, mindset and knowledge to deliver the DHL Express Strategy…

DPDHL Courier smiling and carrying a package - used for personal effectiveness and leading the business solutions in  breakout image in middle of page
Who would benefit from this training

Leading the Business is about ‘doing with’, not about ‘doing to’. How people feel is the biggest predictor of performance. Leading in an intentional and aligned way changes how people feel about their work and your company. It builds a baseline of trust and psychological safety. Once you have that, you improve quality, capability, service delivery and innovation. Companies with great leadership teams make great decisions, bounce back from adversity and maintain their reputation with customers. Leading the Business is the catalyst for executing your strategy because it gives leaders a shared, laser focus and generates energy and ownership for delivering results.

Why does it work

Leading the Business is great for leaders or teams who have a new strategy they need to create engagement around. Whatever your strategy is for – operations, customer experience, ESG – it’s great for turning the strategy into something meaningful, exciting and actionable. 

It’s good for connection to company values, creating alignment to key deliverables and business KPIs, and most of all to rally the organisation around your purpose and focus everyone on execution. 

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