Leading others

Motivating and managing people to do great work, achieve goals and learn through their work.

Why it’s needed

Research has found that people who spend just ten minutes every week with their manager tend to be happier than those who do not. Leading Others helps people get the best out of their teams and develop themselves, even when situations or decisions feel challenging. Of course, with continuous change and demands to achieve more in very uncertain times, leaders are now expected to navigate more twists and turns than ever. So, Leading Others recognises the pressure on leaders and gives them the practical skills they need to make work an enjoyable place for their teams, where great work gets done. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Bring positive energy to teams, creating an environment where people enjoy work and collaborate 
  • Make the most of the time they have with people in their team, so that people feel included and recognised
  • Adopt an enabling communication style that inspires people to push themselves and learn new skills 
  • Have check-in conversations that people enjoy and learn from
  • Tackle problems head on with confidence

NKD + ITV worked together to develop a new performance management approach. ITV Talking performance focused on people over process… and the results speak for themselves!

itv employee taking part in a coaching session after they have been through NKD coaching skills this is a great way to demonstrate leading others
Who would benefit from this training

NKD’s Leading Others solutions are designed for leaders who are emerging or experienced – anyone who has an impact on team culture and performance.

Leading Others helps leaders understand the role they play and how to spend their time at work effectively, shifting their focus from ‘doing the job’ to ‘enabling my team’. Leading Others is good for companies who want all their leaders to be equipped with practical people-management skills that help teams to feel happy in their work, proud of the results they deliver for customers, and energised by the way they work together. 

It’s good for improving communication and trust in teams as leaders start to translate company information in a way that connects their team. Leaders learn how to have regular, high-quality performance conversations, embrace feedback and know what to do when situations are more challenging to navigate.

Why does it work

The research is hard to dispute – a strong leader of people can transform an underperforming team into a high performing team. A study by Stanford University measured the daily output of 23,878 workers matched to 1,940 bosses over a four year period. The results showed that replacing a poor manager or leader with a good one increased productivity, with the same team members, by 13%. At NKD we know it’s about co-creating the right solutions with our clients that enables leaders to succeed. In one long standing client partnership, we have seen leaders flourish with employee engagement scores increasing by 22% and favourable leadership scores shifting positively by 21%. 

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