Leading self

Developing emotional intelligence and practical skills to lead with authenticity and confidence.

Why it’s needed

It’s often said that we’re our own worst enemies. Unhelpful habits and limiting beliefs can stop people being the amazing person they are, or make it more difficult to achieve their goals. 

Leading Self starts with emotional intelligence so that people can get to know how their emotions affect what they do and how they relate to others. This helps to build credibility and trust. 

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Manage their time well
  • Prioritise the tasks, technology and people that are competing for their attention
  • Present data and ideas in clear and interesting ways
  • Adopt a growth mindset and practice self-regulation
  • Be empathetic and flexible to change
Woolworths Group

Customer 1st Champion is the story of how we helped Woolworths Group Supply Chain Australia and New Zealand engage and excite their 7000+ workforce around their purpose.

A Woolworths / primary connect employee looking confident and comfortable whilst working in a warehouse - a person is behind her on a picker
Who would benefit from this training

Leading Self is primarily aimed at leaders but in reality it’s good for anyone who wants to lead a productive life in and out of work. 

In our digital world, where people are constantly connected and scrutinised by anyone who follows them, there are lots of opportunities to learn and collaborate but it can also leave people feeling overwhelmed and unable to get through everything they need to do.

Leading Self is about gaining back control and thinking positively about what you can do. It’s good for adopting habits that help you get things done efficiently while influencing others through the way you present yourself and your work.

Why does it work

Business functions on people. When people are efficient, self-aware and relate to each other well, we start to see results – work gets done efficiently, decisions get made, systems operate and insights are shared. The problem is that people are often focused on what others should be doing, or what the problems are, that they lose focus on what they can do to operate better on an individual level.

We can all be more effective, we just need a reality check and some self-discipline –Leading Self helps you get more out of your working day, that’s why it has such an impact. 

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