Leading change

Managing the human dimension of change to maintain trust, resilience and commitment.

Why it’s needed

Leading Change gives leaders at all levels the know-how to build engagement with their strategy or transformation, and activate change through their teams. This solution gives managers a head start in motivating their teams to embrace change and do their bit to make it a success.

Participants will learn and develop skills to
  • Tell an engaging change story
  • Get teams on board and contributing to business change
  • Build change resilience
  • Put change leadership strategies and skills into action in human-centred ways
  • Use tools for continuous improvement

Read how we helped engage an entire, mostly remote, workforce with a new strategy so they felt 100% connected and able to contribute!

Image of an NKD Facilitator during a strategy kick off conference
Who would benefit from this training

Often, the reason business change fails to happen as intended, is that leaders underestimate the time and attention they need to give to managing how people feel about change, and to ensuring that the right teams are included in the journey. 

Leaders go on their own emotional change journey alongside, or slightly ahead of, their teams. By helping leaders tell their own change stories, we help them engage personally with change before leading others.

We provide leaders with the know-how and skills to get stakeholders and teams on board and keep them motivated through the inevitable turbulence that change brings, to learn from setbacks, and celebrate achievements. 

Why does it work

According to Gartner, 50% of business change under delivers because the people who need to make it happen are not sufficiently bought in. Often they end up reluctant at best, and resistant at worst!

Research also shows that if we can engage people in change initiatives, the success increases by as much as 24% (Gartner).

Leading Change helps leaders discover why people find change challenging and identify how they can lead people through their emotional change journey, so that cross-functional teams align to deliver both small changes and business transformations. Fewer silos, less wasted time, more engagement.

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