Our approach

Our approach

We help to make the world of work better
through leadership and frontline-led employee engagement initiatives. 

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Our approach is underpinned by our expertise in two areas: Leadership Development and Learning and Skills.  We offer tried and tested solutions that act as building blocks which can be personalised to suit your business and people.

Image of Harvard service profit chain theory diagram
Our Philosophy

The Harvard Service-Profit Chain theory is at the heart of everything we do. It demonstrates how engaged employees, connected to your company’s purpose, will deliver outstanding customer experiences resulting in long-term growth.

Studies show that companies with highly engaged employees have, on average, 21% greater profitability. This is driven by inspiring leaders who understand the all-important employee-customer-results chain reaction.

For NKD it all starts with discovery

Discovery is how we get under the hood of your business, to understand what makes your people tick.

During the Discovery phase, we’ll spend time with your people to learn about their challenges and opportunities in their daily working lives. We’ll collaborate with you to plan activities to draw out insights and get people talking, this could include desk-based research, focus groups or one-to-one interviews.

Our human-centred design approach

Our Strategic Consultants have commercial backgrounds spanning customer experience, people, and operations. Their wealth of experience gives them a real understanding and empathy. Their role is to uncover and define your problems, identify the end goal, and personalise your solution.

Our Strategic Consultants are effective because they  never make assumptions or apply the solution they just think would work, or have been told is the right answer.  Instead, they come into your organisation with an open mind, empathise with your people and learn what the issues really are, and through the Discovery phase unearth the right solution for your business.

The science behind our approach

We believe that big messy people problems need brain-friendly solutions. That’s why we draw on learning, communication, motivation and design theories to help us deliver tangible change that lasts beyond our involvement. 

This means our solutions may include cognitive, collaborative, or behavioural learning theories, positive psychology, simple nudges or storytelling techniques.


Put simply, we design solutions that are Simple, Stretching, Social and Real

  • We use simple messaging that allows for retention and recall of learning. 

  • People can see and hear each other and interact through games, activities, group discussion and breakouts.

  • We provide stretch for the learner, ensuring everyone walks away with those critical lightbulb moments where they’re challenged and able to develop.

  • Sessions that are bespoke to the audience, routed in the reality of your people, your organisation and your culture,  both in content and branding.  

We design in this way so we can…
  • Shift Thinking

    By expanding emotional connection and understanding

    By combining the power of people’s emotional and rational intelligence in affirming, supportive ways to dramatically shift thinking. 

  • Change Behaviour

    By building competence and confidence

    We guide people to do things differently and to see the positive results for themselves. This builds their confidence, and means that they remain open towards changing behaviour.

  • Transform Performance

    By increasing personal responsibility and commitment

    We create change solutions that are challenging, achievable and rewarding, because when people are engaged and excited, transformation happens.

Whether you’re getting started or need help sustaining change, get
in touch so we can help you create an impactful solution that lasts.

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