About us

Our purpose is to make the
world of work better

Part of the ITA Group family of companies, NKD is an experiential learning and leadership development agency. We partner with some of the world’s most loved brands to supercharge business performance through our clients’ greatest asset – their people.

With a core focus on Learning and Skills Training and Leadership Development, we work alongside senior leadership and frontline teams to co-create initiatives that transform business culture. This improves employee engagement and empowers people to make a positive impact where they work.


Our skills training and leadership development solutions make a big impact because they are different from the norm. Our collaborative design approach makes sure learning experiences are relevant and enjoyable. People take away practical tools and essential knowledge that they can use straight away, and everyone gets connected to the same message, so they are able to work better together and deliver higher performance as a result.

This means you can track the impact of our learning and leadership solutions to your bottom line via an uplift in employee engagement.

People want to learn in different ways, so we produce solutions that can be delivered in-person, digitally, or a blend of both formats. This makes sure deskless and desk-based workers have equal access to the learning they need. Content is personalised to speak your language, support your strategy and appeal to your audience, which means that at the point of delivery it already feels like a cultural fit for your business.

We ensure that no matter how we deliver our training, digitally or live in-person, it has impact and leads to real outcomes. We encourage organisational leaders and champions to facilitate sessions too, which means real connection to the person leading the session, meaning people feel supported to change how they work and practise their new skills in familiar settings.


What makes us uniquely NKD

United by our purpose to make the world of work better, we operate like three agencies under one roof, bringing together diverse talents with unique services and expertise. We draw on learning, motivation, and design theories to create engaging solutions that activate positive change for employees, customers and businesses. 

who understand your business.
Every piece of learning we develop is rooted in your strategy and business context. Our consultants role is to help move your business forward.

who understand people.
Knowing what motivates people to actually change what they do. Our behavioural psychologists help to shift thinking, behaviour, and transform performance.

who understand engaging learning design.
Exciting, enjoyable and interactive experiences. Our creative and digital team designs highly immersive and relevant learning that people want to experience.


A global perspective

With our London HQ and Sydney office and a network of partner offices across the United States as a result of joining ITA Group, we have added bench strength of 130 NKD-trained international associates speaking 18 languages.

We’ve collaborated with companies across 200 countries and territories, delivering solutions in 42 languages to transform the everyday working experience of over one million people. And, we’ve helped our clients achieve the global #1 Great Place to Work, twice.

  • NKD Client logo: Otis
  • NKD Client logo: east
  • NKD Client logo: virgin Atlantic
  • NKD Client logo: Otis
  • NKD Client logo: east
  • NKD Client logo: virgin Atlantic
  • NKD Client logo: Otis
  • NKD Client logo: east
  • NKD Client logo: virgin Atlantic
  • NKD Client logo: Otis
  • NKD Client logo: east
  • NKD Client logo: virgin Atlantic
  • Inspiring new levels of performance in organisations of 1,000 – 550,000 people
  • 15 + years of expertise
  • Worked in over 200 countries & 42 languages
  • Helped our clients get to #1 Great Place to Work
  • Moved EOS 65 to 96
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Our global community of companies

ITA Group helps leading brands around the world take action with confidence, resulting in increased sales, purchases, retention, referrals and alignment. 

Through events, incentives, recognition, loyalty, research and learning, we’re transforming how business feels for employees, channel partners and customers while helping brands create connections, motivate audiences and drive purposeful change.

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