How we deliver our learning experiences

Delivering meaningful, engaging, modern learning experiences.

We’ve got under the hood of your organisation to get clear about the challenges we’re tackling, we’ve zeroed in on the solution and topics that are right for your people and business… so, what’s next? How do we actually deliver learning experiences to your people?

People want to learn in different ways, so we deliver our solutions in digital, in-person and blended formats. This makes sure deskless and desk-based workers alike have equal access to the learning they need. Content is personalised to speak your language, support your strategy and appeal to your audiences, which means the delivery feels like a cultural fit that’s in-tune with your business.

Every digital training product leads to a tangible human outcome – by this, we mean that even behind a screen, our programmes have the power to inspire and drive change for your people – because they’re designed to appeal to the way brains  work to absorb information.  We also encourage your leaders and champions to facilitate live learning events through our ‘plug and play’ modules, which means you can have complete ownership over the roll out of training, empower managers, and make your people feel supported to practise new skills peer-to-peer.

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The skills and tools your people need to lead and perform brilliantly at work. Quick, enjoyable and thought-provoking digital activities and courses for desktop or mobile.

Our digital learning is elevated through gamification, self-navigated and eLearning modules, along with our virtual classroom platform. Content and creative execution can be personalised to your brand and business needs, with targeted learning bites for specific roles and responsibilities.

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A self-navigated and gamified eLearning module. It’s digital learning, but not as you know it!
Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom

NKD’s bespoke virtual classroom platform for online workshops to maximise live interaction between the facilitator and participants through group discussions, virtual breakout rooms, team activities and games.
Digital games

Digital games

Our digital games put content in the palm of your hand, giving people access when they want it, to deliver bespoke, targeted and personalised learning to your teams.


Focus, share and discover new ways to build confidence and make an impact through work. Our in-person experiences are designed  for leaders, managers and teams to shift thinking and change behaviour in a peer-to-peer learning environment. 

From energising 90-minute plug and play modules you can deliver yourself, to multi-day facilitator-led workshops, our in-person experiences are suitable for small and large groups who want to connect, learn and create change together.

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Personalised for your teams, our immersive facilitator-led workshops combine group discussions, peer-to-peer learning, interactive activities, gamification and storytelling.
Plug and play modules

Plug and play modules

‘Plug and play’ learning, complete with a facilitator pack, session guide, slideshow, activity materials and a take-away guide. Designed so anyone in your organisation can run the session for up to 12 team members at a time.


Toolkits Tools, content and challenges designed to be used by managers with their teams, in meetings, briefings, training and during the day-to-day of work.


Our blended learning combines in-person and digital experiences to provide a personalised and scalable programme for your teams. 

This gives deskless and desk-based workers alike equal access to the learning. Ensuring that content, tools and activities meet the needs of your learners, paced over a defined period of time.

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Our blended learning combines in-person and digital experiences to provide a personalised and scalable programme for your teams. 

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