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Plug and play modules

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What is it?

‘Plug and play’ learning, complete with a facilitator pack, session guide, slideshow, activity materials and a takeaways. 

Our plug and play learning packages last between 90-minutes and 3-hours and are designed so anyone in your organisation can run the session locally for up to 12 team members at a time. 

Why does it work?

People learn through a process of collaboration and discovery that increases individual confidence, motivation and know-how, and collective readiness to change. 

Using all of the magic of a facilitated workshop, we combine guided group discussion, film, animation, activities, gamification and storytelling to create engagement. At the same time, the credibility of the message increases when people are being developed by their own manager or supervisor.  

What is it good for?

Putting interactive knowledge and skills-learning in the hands of supervisors and managers. 

It’s good for developing discrete skills (i.e. time management), systems or compliance training. 

DHL Express

Engaging and connecting 100,000 employees across 220 countries, in 42 languages, to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

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