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Caring, Knowing, Doing: Your Role in C1C Injury Recovery

No one plans to get injured, but accidents do happen. 

These injuries can have a ripple effect on team members, their families, the team culture, the business and customers. Having managers who understand the important role they play in injury recovery, and how to do it in an empathetic and caring way, can make all the difference! 

With the successful roll-out of the Customer 1st Champion (C1C) Academy and having committed to a five-year plan to mature their safety culture, it made sense for Primary Connect to align their injury management training with the new safety and company culture. 

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The solution 

The eLearning modules were brought to life through the use of animated scenarios that used easily recognisable, everyday situations. The look and feel of the three bite-sized modules was modern and fresh and the pages were easy-to-navigate – no mindless clicking through!

an image of a primary connect tablet - with caring knowing doing e-learning materials on screen

When published, the modules were responsive, meaning they were optimised for whichever device the learning was completed on – be it a mobile phone or desktop. 

A Venn diagram with caring in one circle, knowing in another and doing in the third. In the middle of the Venn diagram it says C1C injury management.

The creative concept 

Following our focus groups with line managers and Injury Leads around Australia, it was clear that there were three main areas we needed to focus on: Caring, Knowing, and Doing.

Caring being at the ‘heart’ of people-focused injury management.

Knowing being about understanding what the role of a line manager was during the injury recovery process and what to ask.

Doing being about four memorable ‘do’s’ to give line managers the confidence to follow the injury management process.

Making it work for Primary Connect

Given how busy line managers were already, it made sense to deliver the learning through three 30-minute modules; one module dedicated to each part of the Caring, Knowing, Doing model. Also, given the very real subject, it made even more sense to use scenario-based learning to bring the learning to life; to make it real for the line managers. 

A GIF from the primary connect e-learning, Caring, Knowing, Doing - this GIF shows an learning scenario

The result 

Measuring the success of the modules came down to two things: how quickly the line managers took up and completed the learning and how quickly they put the learning into practice. These two elements are being monitored using Primary Connect’s formal injury metrics, such as the number of shifts an injured team member has missed, the number of hours lost in the first 12 months of the injury and the total number of injuries recorded. 

When participants retested their understanding with online quizzes three months later, the recall and retention rate was 87%