Coaching skills

Adopting coaching techniques to drive ownership, learning and development.

Why it’s needed

Coaching is the management superpower for bringing out the best in your teams. 

This Coaching program is designed to accelerate the ability of managers to support their people’s skill development and career growth, and drive a culture of ownership and autonomy. 

The 3-day coaching workshop teaches the fundamental skills of coaching conversations through practice and feedback.


NKD + ITV worked together to develop a new performance management approach. ITV Talking performance focused on people over process… and the results speak for themselves!

itv employee taking part in a coaching session after they have been through NKD coaching skills
Who would benefit from this training

Coaching is a management tool to achieve high levels of performance. It accelerates individual motivation and team resourcefulness. Coaching is a particularly effective tool when people have a base level of performance and want to develop their skills, set goals, solve complex problems and make responsible decisions.

Why does it work

While it may initially feel quicker for managers to instruct rather than coach, the pay off for adopting a coaching style is huge. According to extensive research by Gallup, teams that receive strengths-based development achieve 19% increased sales, 29% higher profits, and up to 72% less turnover.

We see engagement and retention improve because team members know their manager has their best interests at heart and are committed to helping them grow and develop their career.

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