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3 Ways to Bring Strategy to Life

Most of us have started to execute our strategy. But with research showing most strategic plans fail – how do we bring our strategy to life?

Giving life to your strategy is a daunting task for all organisations – big and small.

We’re mid-way through April and most of us have started to launch and communicate our strategic goals for the next year. For some, it’s a fresh start, filled with optimism and energy. For others, this annual ritual feels more like a burden than an opportunity.

Research has shown that less than 10% of organisations effectively execute their strategic plans, and, on average, deliver no more than 60% of the financial performance promised.

What’s not working?

At NKD, we believe that the key to strategic success is effective communication and engagement. These three steps will make sure that your strategy hits the mark:

  1. Make it Relevant

Your strategy needs to resonate with your people. Translating strategy into local priorities can make a world of difference in your strategic success. Even better, show how each individual can really influence those priorities.

DHL Express was able to execute their FOCUS strategy through clear, and relevant, communication. Motivated People deliver Great Service Quality, which leads to higher Customer Loyalty and a Profitable Network. For the people on the ground, strategic success means that the company can reinvest in them and their development.

  1. Make it Accessible

Strategies are useless unless people can connect with them. Creating simple, easy to remember stories and graphics is one thing, but getting your messages out in the right places is another. You need both to make sure that your key messages are being embedded effectively.

Virgin Atlantic is one organisation that took accessibility to the next level. The strategic communication for their Cabin Crew became part of everyday life – it featured in pop-ups around crew briefing areas, on crew buses, in crew rest areas, on apps and Managers’ iPads – and even in the loos! This was Virgin, after all.

  1. Make it Fun 

People need to want to connect with your strategy. Make it fun by introducing a bit of healthy competition. Gamification can link performance to your strategic objectives and show clearly how people are making an impact.

At Npower, their Strategy Challenge brought their goals to life in a simple, but effective, way. A series of workplace challenges were set that aligned with their strategic objectives. Completing each challenge gained points that were fed into a giant league table for Customer Service teams around the country. Not only does this create links between teams across large networks, but it also reinforces a sense of pride in what your people achieve.

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Diana Balan