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6 Ingredients for Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has never been more critical for organisations but what are the 6 Ingredients for Employee Engagement? We explore…

Employee Engagement has never been more critical for organisations. A recent survey found that Engagement is the biggest concern for HR directors in 2018. Isn’t it about time we cracked this issue? We’ve identified 6 key ingredients to turn engagement around. For good.

  1. Purpose & Culture

Maybe your employees are feeling disconnected, apathetic or indifferent. Motivation is low and you need to change or reignite your culture, before you lose your talent.

A culture change programme can:

  • Energise and connect people
  • Upskill leaders to become the role models your people need
  • Boost your bottom line with sustainment over time


  1. On-Boarding

Research has found that new employees who go through a structured on-boarding program are 58% more likely to be with the organisation after three years. That’s a real return on your investment.

Effective on-boarding can:

  • Make people feel like they belong
  • Enable people to contribute purposefully from the outset
  • Protect your customer experience
  1. Performance Management

Many of us want to do our best at work. But, when only 55% of employees feel that routine performance management appraisals help them to develop, you know something’s got to change.

Getting the most from performance management helps to:

  • Connect leaders with their teams
  • Motivate people to contribute to strategy and culture
  • Create clear progression for talented people who care
  1. Leadership

Capable and confident leadership can transform an organisation. One survey showed that 84% of organisations anticipate a shortfall of leaders in the next five years – that’s a troubling statistic both for leaders and their people.

By developing leadership confidence and capability, you:

  • Create role models who bring your brand to life
  • Motivate leaders to take ownership for success
  • Get your leaders fit for the future
  1. Learning & Development

Providing your people with inspiring learning and development can boost performance in ways that other initiatives can’t. The problem is that much of the stuff that’s out there doesn’t quite hit the mark – in one survey, 48% of people rated the L&D culture of their organisation as ‘bad’.

Innovative learning and development can:

  • Strengthen teams and raise performance
  • Make sure customers get the experience they were promised
  • Drive innovation, performance and agility across the organisation
  1. Communication

We’ve seen the figures – communication is a problem. One recent study showed that just 24% of global employees are highly engaged. Great communication has the power to flip that stat.

Build engaging communications by:

  • Using human and digital channels to listen and feedback
  • Equipping leaders to own the conversations that count
  • Sharing and celebrating success

At NKD, our mission is to make the world of work better.

We know which ingredients make up an engaged working culture. Would you like to know which ingredients you can enhance to make the biggest impact on engagement in your organisation? Get in touch and we’ll send you a free NKD Employee Experience diagnostic.