Customer experience - journey experience map illustration

A 3D Customer Experience

How do you create an amazing customer experience? Start with a 3D approach – put yourselves in your customers shoes to truly understand their experiences!

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and will tell their friends”

 A quote from Walt Disney, who knew a thing or two about creating an amazing customer experience!

So, how do we get to the point where we know that we have created an amazing experience for our customers and what does it take?

We believe it is a combination of things that make the ‘magic’ happen.

Let’s start with what it takes. Simply put, you need a 3D approach to creating a great customer experience. You have to start with understanding the current experience. For us at NKD this is our starting point in our Discovery phase.

You need to view your brand from your customer’s perspective, your people’s perspective and from a process perspective in order to create the service hallmarks that become synonymous with your brand.

So how do you do that?

At NKD we like to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes (Customer Mapping).

Being able to view your brand through the customer’s eyes, identifying the key touch points and evaluating the experience as either ‘above or below the line’ is essential in understanding the opportunities to excel and the pinch points. ‘Above the line’ at key touchpoints, the brand lives up to the promise, below the line, it falls short. This creates the Customer map, their journey.

Instigating this kind of investigation into the experience with an open and neutral mindset is essential. This process clearly highlights the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly!

But as they say, that is only one side of the story. Experiencing the journey from your people’s perspective (Employee Mapping) is equally as important. So, in the same way as we map the customers’ experience, we need to map your employees’ experience. Walking in their shoes to understand the challenges they face and the things that stop them from delivering above the line service.

The final part of this trinity, is to look at the processes you have (Process mapping). Looking at the processes you have in place at each of the key touchpoints and evaluating them as ‘helpful or harmful’. Are they working with your people and customers to create the best experience possible or are they putting up obstacles?

Distilling the data from these three journeys allows us to work with you to create the distinguishable characteristics of your brand, in other words, your service hallmarks.

Ensuring that these hallmarks are understood by your people and become embedded into their day-to-day behaviour is the secret to creating an amazing customer experience.

How do you know that you have created an amazing experience for your customers? Well, they keep coming back!

We like to do the same with our customers. See how we worked with DAA to bring their brand to life and create an experience that their customers want to come back for and tell their friends about.