DHL CEO and employees walking the brand

CEO turned Catwalk Model

We see some wonderful things at DHL when it comes to Employee Engagement, Brand Culture & Internationalisation – but the designer DHL T-shirt was a surprise!

We do and see some wonderful things with our clients, DHL Express, when it comes to Engagement, Culture and Brand Internalisation. But this we’ve never come across, and CEO, Ken Allen, can have all the attention for this one. By the way he owns that designer DHL t-shirt, it seems he wouldn’t have it any other way.

But would we expect anything less? DHL Express is an iconic brand that owes much of its success to this iconic leader. Ken is truly passionate about his people and fully regards them as the key to the success of the business. He is dedicated to connecting his employees to the DHL brand, giving them pride in the company and purpose within their role. With a leader like this it’s no wonder DHL Express is the number 1 logistics company in the world.

This CEO believes in his people and connecting them to the DHL brand so much, he and his C-Suite, alongside NKD, actually train their own people, kick starting the cascade of training that is delivered to the entire global workforce of 100,000 employees. Seeing these employees become walking, talking adverts for the brand.

Ken and his employees have created such a strong brand that designer Demna Gvasalia released a DHL t-shirt as part of his Spring 2016 collection. Of course Ken wasn’t going to miss out on some of that action.

Ken is a real example of a CEO who models behaviour to his employees. This probably comes as no surprise as we see him playfully imitating the designers open show, strutting his stuff whilst sporting the DHL t-shirt – showing off how proud he is of the brand and how proud his people should be to be the reason behind its success.

This performance even earned Ken a spot in GQ magazine – you’ve obviously nailed CEO Ken, maybe it’s time to perfect those catwalks…?

James Hynes