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Why Customer Experience Matters

Bad customer service reaches more than twice as many, as praise for good service, and in the social media age it can take seconds to reach thousands.

If we were given a pound for every time we’ve endured half-hearted customer experiences, perhaps we’d all be a little richer.

Customer experience is the bread and butter for a brand and its reputation in the world. But, we more often hear about something going wrong for a company rather than what’s gone right – studies have shown that news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many people as praise for good service. In an age of social media, where your words can reach thousands in seconds, it’s more important than ever to create fantastic experiences for your customers.

I went shopping for a BBQ last summer, in the hope that the great British weather would finally come to the fore. I walked into the store after double-checking online that my dream BBQ would be in stock – should be pretty simple from there, right? We’ll all be having sausages in no time.

I found the BBQ I was after, in a lonely no man’s land, half way between the paint and the other BBQ’s. I couldn’t locate the box, so, as a man on a mission, I scoured the store for a retail assistant: nowhere to be seen. By this point, sunshine and sausages seemed a far-off dream.

I eventually found a sleepy retail assistant and told him my problem. After checking, he unapologetically told me the BBQ was only a display model, and was the only one in stock. I explained that I had seen otherwise online and then asked if the BBQ was in stock in another branch 30 minutes away. The retail assistant went to check but never got back to me. I left the store tired of waiting, frustrated and just wanting to go home.

This tedious experience reminded me of how damaging an disengaged workforce can be. I know that I won’t be returning to that store, and I wondered if the same had happened to anybody else that day.

At NKD, we believe everybody has the capability to thrive and excel if they’re given the right learning and development opportunities.

Placing employees at the centre of the business not only empowers them, but it also strengthens the brand and the promise made to customers. If we engage employees, we can create a front line that’s equipped with the tools and mindset to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Interested to hear about how we’ve supercharged customer experience for some of the world’s leading brands? Get in touch.

Christ Holmes