animation about human and digital ecosystem

The Human + Digital Ecosystem

‘Digital’ can be overwhelming. We’ve broken it down to three parts, Digital Solutions, Digital Platforms and Digital Mindset, all powered by us – Humans.

Digital Transformation. Industry 4.0. Digital Age. Internet of Things. Design Thinking. Humans 2.0.

All great things, and all things we’re reading and seeing everywhere at NKD, but what does it all mean?

How do we embrace all the change around us and digitally transform? 

We’ve done the thinking for you and distilled it into three clear parts, all powered and enabled by one simple thing – humans. 

We call it our Human + Digital Ecosystem. 

So, what are the parts? 

Digital Mindset: This is all about our attitudes to new technology. How we think and feel about working alongside digital, as this dictates what we say and do.

Digital Solutions: These are the things we use every day to engage and communicate with our people – this could be a film, an app or even just new equipment. 

Digital Platforms: Digital Platforms are tools which gather heaps of data on your people which can be used to help make you make decisions about how to communicate, to monitor performance or guide you on the type of learning people need. 

Powered by:

Humans: At the centre of the model is us, humans. We know humans are pretty amazing already, and we believe that digital is a way of enhancing our human qualities and enabling us to really focus on the things that technology can’t do – like human connections. 

What happens if you focus on one of these areas too much? Watch the video:

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