NKD Lotus Award Winner for Employee Engagement

Lotus Award Winners

On Thursday we collected our Lotus Award, an award which celebrates collaboration, innovation & inclusivity. We’re very proud to be actually making a difference.

On Thursday night, we donned our glad-rags, popped the prosecco and headed down to The Royal Society of Arts to collect our Lotus Award.

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The Lotus Awards celebrate collaboration, innovation and inclusivity, in a way like no other – no categories and no entry fee are a start. The ethos of the Lotus Awards is something that really resonated with me. Instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, the Lotus Awards create awards as unique as each winner. Defining a great company culture, an innovative work force and engaged employees isn’t always simple. Instead of competition, the awards focus on recognition.

The purpose of this focus on recognition is to celebrate diversity. Employee engagement in a large multinational corporation, may look very different to employee engagement at a start–up still in their infancy. James Murphy, founder of the Lotus awards says, “as a business culture is unique to that business, it’s not fair to say that one company is better at employee engagement than another.”

It was truly a celebration – and here at NKD we don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate.

We were in good company, with the likes of Virgin Trains, NHS and our very close friends at DHL who were recognised as a company with truly amazing culture.

Our award recognised the work that we have done indentifying unique people challenges and delivering practical and engaging soloutions that actually make a difference. Awards like these remind us that our work really does make a difference, and has touched so many peoples’ lives – and celebrating our successes is a great chance to share stories and spread our message further.

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We were really proud to be celebrated for our work around the globe engaging and empowering employees – and ‘actually making a difference’.

The reason why the celebration of the nature of unique cultures and efforts to improve employee engagement resonated so much with me? It’s something we live and breathe at NKD. With the knowledge that every company has such different challenges, such different cultures how do we actually make a difference? – Through our discovery process we walk a mile in your shoes to learn how it feels to be an employee at your company, and that’s when we uncover the unique challenges facing your people.

What comes next? Results speak for themselves! Take a look at how we have worked to change and improve company culture and employee engagement all over the world here.