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NKD REVIEWS: Apple’s “Made in the UK” ad campaign

Jorge takes a closer look at Apple’s recent ‘Made in the UK’ advertising campaign and asks what is it about them which makes them so brilliant, and what if we applied that thinking to the world of work?

NKD REVIEWS: Apple’s “Made in the UK” advertising campaign

Apple have always had a mischievous tone to their advertising – whether mocking their competitors to boasting about how good their iPhones are, we come to expect something special from an Apple ad campaign.

Introducing… the “Made in the UK” advertising campaign:

The ads showcase creativity in all its forms – fashion, claymation, photography, lightning design – and the people behind the magic… oh, and the Macs they use! 

Although the photos of the creations are shown in colour and contrasted against the black and white images of the creators … it is the creatives (and their Macs) that take centre stage! 

Let’s do away with the obvious…

  • Yes, these are advertisements 
  • Yes, the main reason they were created was to create a desire for us to get a Mac
  • Yes, I want a new Mac!
  • Yes, the ad worked! 

OK, let’s dive a little deeper…

Even though the ads are for Macs (did I mention I wanted a new one?), Apple and their partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab have highlighted how the Macs play the role of enabler to the creatives’ vision and imagination and the creations themselves – by taking a backstep, Apple is taking a forward step.

The first reactions are ‘excitement’ for what’s been created, ‘pride’ that they’ve been made in the UK, ‘admiration’ for the talent of the creatives… then ‘appreciation’ for the fact Macs can aid in the creation of such amazing things! 

Why is this so brilliant? 

This ad campaign focuses on the people behind the work.

Looking at the photographs of the creatives in the middle of spark of creativity or in a moment of inspiration, you can’t help but feel respect and admiration for them and their artistry. 

In the world of work, and especially the world of creative work, there is a real tension between the creativity behind the work and what is created; the imagination, thinking, and effort that goes into the creation of something and the output. 

And too often, organisations are only focused on the outputs… not the people behind them.

At NKD, we help organisations create and sustain workplace cultures where people are put first.

  • By shifting people’s thinking and changing their behaviour, we help people fall in love with the brands they’re working for, from the inside, and this is what transforms the performance of the organisation
  • By helping leaders see their people for who they are, not simply ‘employees’ or ‘team members’, we help them to create amazing working relationships, built on trust and authenticity
  • By creating strong emotional engagement through our work, be it online or face-to-face, we connect with people’s hearts and minds, inspiring them to do better and be better

So, next time you’re reviewing a carefully constructed spreadsheet or report, try and think of the creative thinking that went into its creation; try appreciating the artist behind the artwork; try connecting with the person and not just the product. 

If your workplace culture needs to be more people focused, get in touch hello@nkd.co.uk