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NKD Reviews: Love Island

As Season 4 of ITV’s Love Island draws to a close this Monday – we ask what your workplace learn from the Love Island integrated app?

10 single boys, 10 single girls, 1 gorgeous villa, £50,000 at stake… and 1 integrated app used by over 1.6k people a night!


Whether you love it or hate it, Love Island continues to be a smash hit for ITV. For the last 8 weeks, workplaces around the UK have been hives of debate and discussion, with staunch supporters and dedicated opposers doing battle over the show. And as the sun sets on the fourth season (who will win!? Our office is divided!), we’ve loved this season – for its juicy on-screen content and its just as juicy app!

The basic idea of Love Island is that a group of single boys and girls are locked up in a luscious villa in Majorca with the aim of finding love… and, not to mention, a £50,000 prize for the winning couple!

Along the way, the producers throw out a many challenges for the couples, surprises and shocks all to test the resolve of the cast and the strength of their relationships – it makes for some dramatic moments and addictive viewing!

There’s been a lot put out there about the psychology of Love Island and why we love it so much

This blog isn’t about that.

The show comes with its own app – not necessarily a big deal, right?

Except that the Love Island app isn’t just a nice extra to enhance your viewing experience – it’s a fully-integrated part of the Love Island viewing experience.

Through the app, viewers can vote for their favourite couples, complete quizzes on the week’s events, browse and buy outfits worn by the cast, buy Love Island branded merchandise and access exclusive content. The exclusive content includes breaking news from the villa, podcasts, real-time photos of the cast from the villa, “Top 10 moments”, among other bits designed to feed our addiction to the drama of the island!

Why am I getting so excited about this?

The universe of apps is growing rapidly, and 2018 is set to be a big year for apps.

Apps have become a daily part of our lives – the apps we have, use and enjoy are an extension of our personalities. So much so, that researchers can use apps to determine age, gender, marital status and income!

What the ‘coupling’ (see what I did there?) of Love Island and the Love Island app highlights is how technology can be integrated to connect people with something to enrich both the source material (the show) and the experience (watching the show).  But also, the cultural change in the way we interact with apps and people’s readiness and desire for this kind of fully-rounded experience. We don’t want Love Island to just exist in its 9-10pm time slot, we want to access that feeling we get watching Love Island whenever we want.

We’re doing a lot of work at the moment with organisations who want to use apps to bring performance management to life, connect employees together for coaching conversations and deliver personalised learning and development.

In other words, we’re helping purpose-led organisations…

  • invest in the employee as a whole person, not just as the sender of emails;

  • create communities in workplaces, not just teams;

  • show care and support, not just at work, but also at home.

Workplace apps are going to make the world of work an exciting and integrated fully-rounded experience – far from tipping the work-life balance, workplace apps are going to revolutionise the way we do work!

And that’s something I’m voting for!

To have a chat a with us about the exciting role apps can play in your organisation, get in touch with us at… And in the meantime, GO DANI AND JACK!