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The E.X. Files; Employee Experience investigated!

At NKD we think Employee Experience shouldn’t be the stuff science fiction. And you don’t need to be Scully and Mulder to understand it!

Everyone is talking about Employee Experience. It’s a hot topic right now!

Earlier this month, McKinsey&Company released a short blog entitled “Want happy customers? Focus on happy employees”, which highlighted the link between great customer experience and great employee experience.

In January, Forbes had already predicted that 2018 would be the year of employee experience…

The Employee Experience Advantagewritten by Jacob Morgan, analysed more than 250 organisations to explore their Employee Experience. The book outlines how companies that heavily invest in their Employee Experience earned twice as much revenue as their competitors who didn’t, and earned more than four times the average profit.

In the blog, McKinsey&Company show how a positive Employee Experience (EX) naturally fosters a positive Customer Experience (CX). When done right, it’s almost impossible to separate the point where Employee Experience stops and Customer Experience starts. When done right, companies who are employee-centric cultivate cultures that are customer-centric.

According to McKinsey&Company, a customer-centric organization displays:

  • A clear vision that has customer experience as a priority
  • Formal Mechanisms to co-create that experience with customers and complementary partners
  • Accountability created among employees

In other words, in customer-centric organizations…

  • Every employee is not only encouraged, but empowered, to give customers the best experience possible
  • Every employee is not only actively performance managed, but developed and invested in – to give customers the best experience possible
  • Every employee not only cooperates, but collaborates togetherto give customers the best experience possible

At NKD, we believe that “Happy Employees” making “Happy Customers” is just the first step!

And why stop there?

By investing in the heads and hearts of your employees and connecting them to the purpose of your organization, by helping them understand the part they play in the lives of your customer, we can create:

  • Committed employees who help make satisfied customers

  • Engaged employees who help make loyal customers

  • Passionate employees who help make life-long customer

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The people who work for you, chose you to work for (over every other company!)    

Something about your brand attracted them to you (over every other company!)


What are you doing to say ‘You matter to our brand’?

What are you doing to say ‘You’re important – thank you!” ?

What are you doing to improve the experience of everyone at your brand?

Check out this blog if you want to learn more about how to create a memorable Employee Experience, Or pick up the phone and let’s chat.