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3 Hacks to Help You Stay Motivated (At Work)

January has been and gone, has your motivation gone too? Diana shares with us her 3 hacks to stay motivated at work. Let’s have a positive, productive 2018!

It’s all very well and good setting yourself new goals for 2018, and tackling these with gusto in the first few weeks of January, but now that we find ourselves in February, is your motivation waning?

Here are three key things you can implement right now to boost your motivation and keep yourself productive at work:

Commit To Doing Your Best – how can you achieve your best if you don’t demand it of yourself? Commitment to achieving to the highest degree and getting your job done in an above-and-beyond manner should always be your first step to staying motivated – you will feel so much more inclined to work towards a goal, knowing that the outcome won’t be mediocre but instead, something to be proud of.

Renewal time – To set yourself up for a productive day a good night’s sleep is invaluable, this coupled with understanding when to take a break from your work, some breathing time if you will, is a great way to reframe your perspective and allows you renewed enthusiasm for the task at hand.

Image of young motivated colleagues sitting outside at cafe table and working togetherIncentivise – Set yourself manageable goals and give yourself a small reward once you have achieved it – in the NKD office, this usually takes the form of food (we love a sweet treat!), or a walk if it’s sunny. It really works! According to The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven, research shows that rewards are behind your motivation to do something three quarters of the time! So if you find yourself promising yourself a cupcake in order to get through that dull but important spreadsheet… evidence says there is no reason not to!

If you think of yourself as a motivated, productive person, odds are that is who you will become! This study outlines how self perception has a huge impact on success and motivation – so lets keep that positive thinking and motivation high and make a habit of it, not just for January but throughout the entirety of 2018.

Diana Balan