This Is How We Believe All People Should Feel

200 years ago, 40km west of Barcelona in a town called Valls, a remarkable Catalan tradition began.

The people of Valls build Human Towers. Or as they call them, Els Castells. Through dedication and refinement they continue to improve them year on year.

The Castells motto is ‘Strength, balance, courage and common sense’. This is a human tower built on a foundation of people who support and share the weight of the tower. It is a collection of people with different skillsets, all of who understand their own contribution in working together towards one common goal.

It really is quite a remarkable thing.

Plug your headphones in, crank up the volume, and watch this short video on how these incredible people support each other in reaching ever-greater heights, purely through the power of human connection.

If this video gets you climbing all over your colleagues (in a completely professional way of course), we’d love to hear from you.