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Buddy to Boss for the 21st Century Supervisor

Transforming from team member to manager is one of the most difficult work challenges – read about development programmes to create a 21st Century Supervisor!

The transition from team member to Supervisor is often the most dramatic and challenging work change for your employees.

The challenge is not only in taking on the demands of a new elevated role and the skills and knowledge required, but also making the emotional and mental transition to that of manager.

We helped one client support its supervisors on this journey with an 18-month development programme. The programme is a completely blended learning approach that is practical and accessible.

The programme uses classroom, self-directed and app based learning to unleash the potential of the Supervisor. This programme not only relies on the supervisor completing the modules but also requires the on-going support and coaching of their sponsoring manager.

The supervisor needs to be ‘signed off’ by the manager having completed the module and demonstrated the behaviours and skills required before they can embark on the next module.

The manager in turn is supported in their role by providing them with training, a Manager’s Guide and films to help them understand what is required of them and their supervisor, and how to manage the coaching conversations. In effect, this ‘holds their hands’ throughout their sponsoring role. It is designed so that the supervisor has a minimum of 3 coaching sessions per quarter and focuses on their progress both with the skills elements and the mental emotional changes.

The Modules within the programme Cover:

The 21st Century Supervisor: (Launch) classroom based – Understanding our Strategy and the part Supervisors play. Action Centred Leadership. What a 21st Century Supervisor Thinks, Feels, Says and Does. Understanding your self – ‘what’s your brand?’ Setting up Learning Networks.

Communications Excellence: classroom based – what makes effective communication. Maximising your impact when communicating. How to run a performance dialogue. How to run an effective team meeting. How to run a training module.

Managing Self Essentials: self-directed learning through the app – understanding the difference between leadership behaviour and team member behaviour. They undertake a Day in my Life activity that looks at where they focus their time throughout a typical week, linking back to the task, team and individual elements of Action Centred learning. Delegation and prioritisation skills. Effective time management – based on Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle.

Relationship Essentials: classroom based – what it takes to build great relationships at work. Identifies levels of relationships. What you can do to build effective relationships. How to have crucial conversations.

My Inspirational Leadership Essentials: classroom and app-based learning – the difference between Inspiration and admiration. What it takes to inspire and engage a workforce. The key areas of inspiration, storytelling, creative thinking, managing your energy sources / wellbeing for the supervisor and team, creating inspiring environments. Coaching and developing your people.

Team Effectiveness and High Performance Leadership Essentials: classroom – what makes an effective team. Understanding team roles – Belbin. Using strengths activity (designed an escape room that allows the team types to use their strengths). How to make effective teams high performing teams, looking at the leaders’ role. Managing performance and having difficult conversations (Chat + Connect)

Operational Excellence: classroom and self-directed via app – what it means to be operationally excellent. Understanding how the processes and people combine to make excellence for the customer. Understanding Gemba Kaizen and continuous improvement techniques. A business simulation that requires the supervisors to put into practice all the skills and knowledge they have learnt but also resolve people focused challenges.

A series of work based assignments to fully understand their operating procedures and people process to deliver excellence.

As One: gamified app – all the areas covered throughout in a fun and gamified way. It requires them to connect with their learning network and the business as a whole to resolve issues that will delight the customer.

Graduation: we invite participants and their sponsoring manager to come to a graduation day – time to celebrate!

Involving the manager in this process is essential for the performance of new supervisors – L&D Roundtable Research found that managers who develop their people realise a 25% increase in productivity, across all industries.

16% of this impact is a direct result of the individuals improved skills and capability. The other 9% comes from a more positive attitude as the individual feels their manager is investing in them.

So even when your employees move from buddy to boss, they still need their bosses to be buddies to help them make that transition.