DHL Express Supervisory Programme

The CIM Supervisory academy transformed staff to connect with the essential skills, mindset and knowledge to deliver the DHL Express Strategy.

DHL Group: The 21st Century CFO

21st Century CFO is the story of how we transformed the mindset, behaviours and capabilities of 1,000 seasoned CFOs and Senior Controllers worldwide to meet the demands of an ever-changing future.

daa: the Culture Hackathon

At our Hackathon with Dublin Airport Authority, 80 leaders got together to design new ways to drive up engagement in their business.

easyJet: Strategy Launch

How can you engage an entire, mostly remote, workforce with a new strategy so they feel 100% connected and able to contribute?

daa: The Big Expedition

We worked closely with daa to develop a programme that deliver a programme to create a high performance culture and deliver real and lasting change.